Fleet Conversions
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Outsource Your Private Fleet and Keep the Same Experienced Drivers

Fleet Conversions - Outsource Your Fuel Transportation - fleetFuels Transportation, Inc. offers private fleet conversions for fuel transportation companies ready to change their business model. If you would like to outsource your private fleet, we are prepared to hire your drivers, buy your equipment, and negotiate your rates - making the decision and the transition easier for you.

The benefits of choosing Fuels Transportation, Inc. to outsource your private fleet include:

  • Seamless transition: Your customers can be served by the same experienced drivers
  • Less worries: No more dealing with regulatory compliance
  • Improved operational execution: We use high-tech systems to manage fuel inventory and delivery
  • Significantly less liability and risk: No more trucks and drivers on the road to worry about
  • As our customer, you gain access to: our value-added supply chain management services
  • Free-up your capital: Now you can focus on growing your retail business
  • Flexible delivery: Get more fuel, easier for peak and demand times
  • Get more value: Receive an additional payout for your fleet’s enterprise value

For more information on the opportunity to partner with Fuels Transportation, Inc. on a smooth fleet conversion, call 877-438-3835 and ask for Brian Mifsud. Our growth over the last decade supports a proven track record for successful fleet conversions in the Midwest. We can help make your new business strategy work for you! 

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